3 Tips to Increase Lung Capacity

In our previous article, we talked about how to increase your lung capacity. Here are three tips you could use in conjunction with those exercises.

Breathe Deeply


If you learn to take slow, deep breaths and keep your breathing steady, your lung capacity will improve in a relatively short amount of time. Until you can do this instinctively, try this method to be sure you are taking the deepest breaths possible. Exhale completely and make sure you have no air left in your lungs. Keep your abdominal muscles relaxed and let your diaphragm descend. This will allow your abdomen to expand as you take in a deep breath and fill your lungs with air. If you need to, stretch your arms out to help open up your chest.

Splash Water on the Face

Photo Credit: Sudipto Sarkar
Photo Credit: Sudipto Sarkar

If you splash water on your face while holding your breath, it accelerates bradycardia. This is the slowing of your heart rate and is the start of the mammalian diving reflex. Splashing water will help your body prepare as if it is going underwater where it needs to keep the heartbeat regular and move oxygen throughout the body. Do not use ice cold water as this may cause you to hyperventilate and you will not be able to hold your breath for very long.

Relax Your Muscles While Holding Breath


When you are trying to relax while holding your breath, close your eyes and even try to meditate. The less energy you are using, the longer you will be able to hold your breath. Begin counting in your head. Your goal is 100, but if you do not make it to 100, remember what number you were on when you took your breath. This will be the number you want to beat the next time you try this.



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