Welcome to Lung.net! We are an online community focused on lung health resources, with the intention to bring useful information and the latest breakthroughs related to lung health to you.

As we are still in the early stages of forming up the site, you will notice that some sections are still in construction. When complete, we aim to have the following broad categories of information made available to everyone:

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As you can imagine, there are simply too many resources available online related to lung health these days. Our goal is to simplify the myriad of information and only select those which have relevance to readers in a simplified manner, so that non-medical professionals can search for and find details quickly. However, while every effort has been made to ensure information accuracy, please do not take what we suggest as medical advice – always talk to a certified medical professional in your country to get in person care. What we offer on Lung.net is an informational resource meant to complement and perhaps in some cases increase your understanding of various lung health related topics.

Here are Lung.net we take a very serious view of information accuracy. If at any point you feel that a particular article may be misleading or factually inaccurate such that it provides wrong information to readers, we want to know right away so that they can be fixed. Click here to report potential inaccuracies to our editorial team.

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We are conscious of the fact that lung health is a topic which is constantly evolving. Every day new breakthroughs are made, and it is in the community’s interest to know what is happening. Lung.net accepts verified medical articles and news related to lung health to be submitted for consideration to be published on our website. If you manage a lung health resource, we would also like to hear from you. Please get in touch using this form and our editors will review your request for publishing.