600,000 People Die Every Year of Lung Cancer in China

A new statistic has been released about lung cancer in China. Lung cancer is the most fatal type of cancer in the country and it claims about 591,000 people per year, say health officials.

Based on a report by China’s National Central Cancer Registry, China has reported more than 3.6 million new cases of malignant tumours and 2.2 million deaths from cancer in 2013.

Also from the report, there are approximately 733,000 new cases of lung cancer reported in China every year. Out of that figure, about 591,000, mostly men, die per annum.

The report also states that 270.59 out of every 100,000 people develop cancer in China.

Health officials in Beijing are studying the long-term impact of toxic mist on people’s health, as well as cigarette smoking, including concern about the link to lung cancer.

Last January, the Beijing Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission announced the implementation of research on that issue.

Current studies confirm that the inhalation of toxic mist and smoking can cause serious illnesses in the respiratory system.

However, the actual link to lung cancer has yet to be determined with certainty in the case of environmental pollution, according to the report.

This report is via Presna Latina and can be found here.





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