UK’s Youngest Lung Donor Saves Two Lives

Theodore Omondi has just become the youngest organ donor in the UK. He was just 41 days old when he died of a sudden illness. Theodore’s lungs were donated to a five-month-old girl, and his kidneys were donated to a young adult.

The parents of Theodore Omondi, also known as Theo, have expressed their pride after their son’s organs helped save two people. His lungs went to Imogen Bolton, who became the youngest double lung transplant patient in Britain. The transplant took seven hours to complete.

Theo’s parents, who do not wish to be identified, said they were sure he would have wanted his organs to be used to help others, and that he would have made the same decision if he had been able to grow up and decide for himself.

Imogen’s parents, Hayley and Jason Bolton, have expressed their gratitude towards Theo’s family and have said how thankful they are for his priceless gift. They have also urged more people to join the organ donation register so that more people can benefit like they have.

Hayley and Jason Bolton said, “Theo lives on through Imogen, and when she hits her different milestones our family will be celebrating not one life but two.”

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