George Michael Battled Secret Lung Problem Since 2011

Singer and songwriter George Michael apparently suffered secret lung problems since he contracted pneumonia in 2011. Friends who were close to the singer say that the illness left him unconscious for 15 days, and doctors were forced to perform a tracheotomy on him. They added that his bout of pneumonia left him to suffer lasting effects from the disease. George passed away on 25th of December from heart failure.

Serious cases of pneumonia are known to seriously scar or damage the lungs, with some patients never fully recovering, which further leads to loss of lung function.

George was a smoker and experts have agreed that smoking after contracting pneumonia would have been incredibly dangerous. Smoking can seriously affect the lungs and dramatically increases the risk of infection.

In 2011, George contracted streptococcus pneumoniae (pneumonia), and was hospitalised in Vienna, Austria, where he admitted doctors “spent three weeks keeping me alive”.

Read the full story from The Mirror here.





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