Atezolizumab Extends Lung Cancer Patients’ Life

A study published on Monday suggests that a new immunotherapy drug called, Atezolizumab, can extend the life of patients suffering from lung cancer.

The most important aspect of the new drug is its claim of having fewer side-effects.

The study was conducted on 850 individuals with terminal lung cancer. Half the group took the new drug, while the other half was engaged with traditional chemotherapy.

The drug works by reinvigorating the patients’ immune to fight against cancer cells. The study’s lead author, Achin Rittmeyer, was confident in the clinical trials and was quoted saying, “Our trial has shown that this has significant results for their survival. Lung cancer is the most common cancer, affecting some 1.8 million people in the world every year.” Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the world.


Immunotherapy is a fairly new form of treatment that trains people’s immune systems to attack tumour cells without killing healthy cells.

Immunotherapy is fast growing to become an oncologist’s choice to combat cancer. Dr Rittmeyer added that this generation might be able to witness a new form of therapy that is much better and less dangerous than chemotherapy.

Read the full story from Asia One here.



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