New App Allows Doctors to Assess Lung Cancer Risk

A new smartphone app has been released to aid doctors and guide them on the next steps for patients who have small masses of tissue in their lungs. These small masses of tissue are known as pulmonary nodules.

Most of the time, these nodules are harmless and appear in almost everyone. However, some can be cancerous and will require treatment. They are identified as round white shadows on an X-ray or CT scan.

The app was created by the Cancer Research UK in partnership with the British Thoracic Society. To ensure the app was streamlined and performed to the best standards, Cancer Research UK worked alongside more than 40 doctors, radiologists, and nurses across the country.

The app gives medics quick and easy access to guidelines developed by the British Thoracic Society, along with risk and growth calculators, turning the mobile phone into a powerful way to accurately manage nodules.

Doctors are currently using CT scans and information from patient records to help decide the best course of action to manage patients with pulmonary nodules.

The app is a big step forward as it will help provide additional information quickly, and accurately identify patients at risk. It will also help in avoiding unnecessary procedures.

For now, the app is only available on IOS. The development team will monitor demand to see if a version for Android and Windows is necessary.

Read the full article from Cancer Research UK here.






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