12 Signs and Symptoms of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is one of the most common and unpredictable forms of cancers around. Most of the time lung cancer is only detected when it has advanced too far, as symptoms might not appear at an early stage. However, there are some warning signs that you may want to heed and get checked out. This article will highlight 12 warning signs and symptoms of lung cancer.

1. A Cough That Lasts More Than Two Weeks
Image Credit: Thom Chandler
Image Credit: Thom Chandler

A cough that lasts more than two weeks may not seem like a big deal. However, it could be a sign of an underlying infection or even a bigger health issue. Regardless, it would be best to get it checked out by a healthcare professional.

2. A Persistent Cough That Keeps Getting Worse
Photo Credit: Anders Adermark
Photo Credit: Anders Adermark

If your cough still hasn’t gone away after a couple of weeks and you feel that it’s definitely getting worse, a visit to the doctor is due. Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

3. Persistent Chest Infections


Chest infections are not uncommon. However, getting an infection like pneumonia more than twice in a short period of time is most definitely a warning sign from your body telling you something is not right.

4. Coughing Up Blood
Photo Credit: Tom Rolfe
Photo Credit: Tom Rolfe

Coughing up blood is never a normal thing your body should do. If you ever find yourself coughing up blood, head to your doctor immediately for a check-up.

5. Painful Breathing or Coughing
Photo Credit: Chris Bentley
Photo Credit: Chris Bentley

Breathing should definitely not be a painful procedure. Coughing might be uncomfortable, but again should not be painful. If you experience painful breathing or coughing it might be worth heading in for a check-up.

6. Constant Breathlessness
Photo Credit: Joshua Zamrycki

Feeling a little breathless after heavy exercise might be normal. However, feeling breathless after a little bit of walking around is not a good sign. If the breathlessness continues for some time, a visit to the doctor might be in order.

7. Persistent Lack of Energy
Photo Credit: Nijla
Photo Credit: Nijla

Feeling tired after a day of work or even during the day is perfectly normal. However, feeling tired all the time could point to some internal issues in your body. Though you might think you just need some rest, getting it checked out will do no harm.

8. Unexplained Weight Loss or Loss of Appetite


Losing some unwanted weight is always great. But when you start dropping weight from doing absolutely nothing, it’s a sign from your body telling you something is not right.

9. Changes in The Appearance of Your Fingers (Finger Clubbing)


There should be absolutely no reason for your fingers to change their appearance. If you notice some changes, make an appointment with your doctor immediately. Finger clubbing is one of the lesser known symptoms of lung cancer. Follow the link for some general information about finger clubbing.

10. A High Temperature of Above 38C (100.4F)


Running a temperature may just be a fever, but look out for other symptoms as well. If you notice a few symptoms that are not commonly found in flu or fever, head out for a check-up immediately.

11. Pain When Swallowing
Photo Credit: Boyce Michael
Photo Credit: Boyce Michael

Like breathing, you should not feel any pain when you’re swallowing. It may just be a sore throat or something along those lines. But as mentioned earlier, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

12. Swelling in The Face or Neck
Photo Credit: Simon James
Photo Credit: Simon James

Swelling of the face or neck is one of the major signs of a lung infection or something worse. If you feel that the swelling has not gone down in a couple of days, head over to you doctor for a check-up. Lung cancer can literally be a pain in the neck.






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