3 Healing Herbs for Respiratory Infections

Everything about respiratory infections

An infection in the respiratory tract refers to infectious diseases related to the respiratory tract. It is generally of two type’s namely upper respiratory infections and lower respiratory infection. A respiratory tract infection includes any infection related to the lungs, airways, throat and the sinuses. This generally occurs due to a virus. It is one of the commonest reasons why people visit pharmacists of which common cold is the most widespread infection.

When you suffer from a cold, tiny fluid droplets comprising of the cold virus are spread into the air the moment you speak, cough or sneeze. As soon as these are breathed in by other people, they are also likely to get infected. These respiratory infections can also spread via direct or indirect contact. If you touch your eyes or nose prior to touching someone else especially when you are having a cold, you are likely to pass the infection to them. However, there is a solution to every problem. Try herbs for respiratory infections and experience the difference.

Types of respiratory tract infections

It is of two types, namely upper respiratory tract infections and lower respiratory tract infections.

Upper Respiratory Tract Infection

Some of the most common ones include Influenza, Laryngitis, Sinusitis, Tonsillitis, and the common cold

Lower respiratory infections

Some of the most common ones include Tuberculosis, Bronchiolitis, Pneumonia, Bronchitis, and Influenza.

3 best healing herbs for respiratory infections

  1. Marshmallow root


This is a favorite herb for treating very dry cough. It works wonders instantly as it contains anti-inflammatory properties. It is truly beneficial for croup, where irritated and dry throat and larynx are the underlying causes of the inflammation.

2. Wild cherry bark


This herb acts as a bronchial antispasmodic that is effective particularly with respect to croup, pertussis, pneumonia, bronchitis and chest colds. It has also proven beneficial in treating spasms of the diaphragm, a muscle of the respiratory tract. This is one of the most effective herbs for respiratory infections.

3. Echinacea


This lymphatic herb helps in stimulating the body’s innate capacity in fighting off the chronic illness by augmenting the count of the white blood cells as well as the killer T-cells. It helps in strengthening healthy cell integrity along with increasing the count of the macrophage that aids the body in dealing with the waste that is produced by the body in its fight against the elements.

These are some of the best herbs that one can try experimenting with to ward off respiratory infections in a safe and hassle free way.



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