3 Breathing Exercises to Increase Lung Capacity

Without oxygen, our bodies cannot survive. It is essential to the metabolic function of all cells. Our lungs are the key to delivering oxygen throughout our bodies. Increasing your lung capacity through breathing exercises enhances your body’s ability to absorb and make use of oxygen. Increased lung function can also combat the onset of illness. this article will guide you through three breathing exercises that will result in an increase in your lung capacity and better health overall.

Pushing Out

This exercise was popularised by doctors Paul and Patricia Bragg, authors of Super-Power Breathing. Assume an upright posture, preferably standing on flat ground. Keeping both knees loose, bend over from the waist, simultaneously pushing out all air from your lungs. Slowly return to a vertical position, inhaling at an equal rate. Fill your lungs to the greatest degree comfortably possible and hold this breath for a count of 20. If 20 seconds it too long, choose a timing that you can manage. While counting, extend both arms fully overhead. Relax, lower your arms and exhale slowly. Complete this cycle four times.

Rib Stretch

Standing upright, expel all the air from your lungs. Slowly breathe in, expanding your lungs to maximum capacity. Hold the air for as long as 20 seconds. While counting, rest both hands on your hips, thumbs facing front with pinkies touching in the small of your back. Release the air slowly and relax. Repeat three more times.

Abdominal Breathing

Lay in a comfortable position on your back. Rest one hand on top of your abdomen and the other on your chest. Breathe in deeply and slowly, pulling from your mid-section. When done correctly, the hand on your belly will rise higher than the other. Exhale slowly and completely through the mouth. Inhale fully through the nose, holding your breath at the end for seven seconds if possible. Slowly breathe out for a full count of eight. Squeeze your abdominal muscles toward the end, in order to discharge any residual air. Breath in this way for five complete cycles.

Do these exercises daily and after a couple of months, you will definitely be surprised with what you have accomplished. You may not notice significant changes immediately, but in time, change will come.

Even better if you couple these exercises with a good diet. Check out our articles on 5 foods to prevent lung cancer and 12 foods to cleanse your lungs.



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