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    #8 Traditional

    Open space for the living room, wooden floors and unfinished white brick walls can provide an environmentally friendly and beautiful atmosphere. Instead the sofa was chosen for a more relaxed impression and a sofa chair for the holder while reading a book. The size of a sofa sized sofa accompanied by a minimalis table can make the room look airy. Hopefully those 7 Timeless and Stylish Kitchens with Concrete Countertopsare useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about concrete kitchen ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true.

    Inspired by Nature, this interior design style features abundance of natural materials and color palettes characteristic for the Tropics in its flamboyant beauty. Contrary to popular opinion, vintage style isn’t about recreating a flea market in your home; not everything old has vintage charm. It is this ‘mix and match’ aesthetic, largely brought alive through the time worn and tested, that sets vintage interiors apart. Transitional style features solid furniture items of a larger size and robust structure, with curved lines and focus on comfort, typical for traditional interiors.

    Furniture Production Gallery

    We work on quality wood and produce high quality furniture made of solid wood with best traditional handmade construction method by skilled Indonesia craftsman. A classic Louis XVI french console table painted in grey-natural. We produce & supply carving furniture made of best traditional handmade craftsmanship with high quality at affordable cost.

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    The kitchen above have simple and charming design, that will surely give visual attraction in the residence. — Want to have something memorable and unusual in the cooking space? One way to do, you can present a concrete countertop in the kitchen. Concrete countertops have a unique and attractive look with its gray color on top.

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    An Outdoor Kitchen With Concrete Countertops

    Bordered by a minimalist iron staircase there is an open floor kitchen area with a dining room. The concrete countertop look amazing in a modern or minimalist home. It looks work well with other materials, for example the wood element. You can combine the concrete countertop with wooden cabinet. Use ceramics in mosaic pattern on the backsplash kitchen to give more modern impression.

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    Fabrics and accessories burst in flamboyant tones, prints, and patterns, creating a cheerful ambiance of the free-spirited style of life. La Vie Bohème allows total freedom and strong individuality in expressing personal tastes. So unique, exuberant and vivid these interiors gave birth to a very specific design style, known as ‘boho’ or ‘boho-chic’, a style that has gained immense popularity and has been embraced by many. Bohemian style is associated with free-minded and free-spirited people who express their personal unconventional philosophy of living unconstrained by any norms of the contemporary society.

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