Lung transplants coming to Vietnam hospitals in 2017

Top Vietnamese organ transplant surgeons have stated that lung transplants will become a common practice in Vietnam in 2017. The number of lung transplants around the world has been rising through the years.

Ta Ba Thang, deputy head of the Tuberculosis and Pulmonology Department under Military Hospital 103 stated that new technology and modern science, as well as the ever-increasing skill of Vietnamese surgeons, will form the foundation  for the first regular lung transplant to be performed next year.

Nguyen Tien Quyet, former Director of the Vietnam-Germany Hospital and a leading expert on organ transplants, stated that by the end of 2015, Vietnamese doctors have performed 1,500 kidney transplants, 50 liver transplants, and 13 heart transplants.

Lung transplants will open new opportunities for treating patients with early stage lung cancer or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) – an increasingly common condition in Vietnam because of heavy smoking and environmental pollution.

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